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Darion Jackson
08-16-2017, 13:50
One of the best fishing guides in East Texas...this guy can put you on whatever you're wanting to catch! He knows his stuff!!!!
Tristan Greenwell
08-15-2017, 21:47
Bret will put you on the donkeys! Always a good time on the water, go book you a trip!!
Lee Morris
08-14-2017, 21:48
I have fished with Bret several times this year and last year he's an excellent guide. He puts you on the fish � really enjoyed it
John Harader
08-12-2017, 11:51
Bret, is an outstanding Guide. We went out with Bret and had a blast and learned a lot of new areas to fish and a new technique that we had never tried and it was a blast. He will put you on the fish. Give him a shout, you won't regret it. God speed Bret!!
Kirt Primeaux
08-10-2017, 21:52
Excellent fishermen and great knowledge. Took my 14 year old out to learn a few techniques flipping through the grass and we hammered fish all day! He did a great job teaching and helping as well as locating great fish all day!
Lillian - Burleson TX
12-06-2015, 14:06
I highly recommend booking a trip with Bret. He's very knowledgeable & knows the waters. It wasn't the best weather for fishing but he still put us on the fish. The highlight of our trip was a 6.19 bass. I already have my next trip scheduled!
Jeff Milham
11-19-2015, 14:01
This testimonial is provided by Jeff Milham, avid and life long bass and sport fisherman. My wife and I were referred to Mr. Bret McLendon by the 155 junction marina for a half day guided bass fishing trip. the sky was over cast and lightly raining, not the best conditions for fishing! We managed to catch several nice bass ranging in size from 2-3 pounds. Bret is a nice young man to fish with and would be worth hiring for a fun day of Bass fishing.